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Luxury, Grace, Sophistication, Fantasy . . . This is what comes to mind when you see what brand Delannika has to offer to lingerie lovers. Luxury lingerie gets a new definition at Delannika.

Two sisters, Daria and Kathrine La-Nikka, are the founders of the brand. Both graduated from The State University of Management in Russia. While Daria’s specialty is financial management, Kathrine specializes is logistics.

The Founders of the brand Delanikka
Daria and Kathrine La-Nikk

Although they do not specialise in lingerie, but their creativity and sense of design is very evident in their products. Their granny taught them to tailor and sew clothes, and they sure have put it to good use.

Luxury Lingerie
I spell luxury . . .
Holiday Powder

The lingerie here is designed and manufactured in natural silk fabrics and most delicate laces. I was truly awe-struck by their designs and application of material and colors.

Although they began from scratch, but they strive to take the brand to a prominent position in this industry. Started as a family business 7 years back, they have made great progress.

Natural Silk bra from Delanikka
Love the look of silk

Seven years ago, they realized there were no modern lingerie designers in Russia. They decided to fill this gap and do something in the space of luxury lingerie. Delannika was thus launched as a symbol of beauty and comfort. Natural silk and comfortable soft cup bras, was their answer.

Luxury Lingerie
Glitter . . . Shine . . . Be B(G)old . . .

Their design philosophy of this luxury lingerie brand is based on three notions: Beauty. Comfort. Quality. These three factors are crucial to every piece produced by the brand.  

Soft cup Triangle Bra
Be Bold . . . Be Sexy . . . Be Stylish

They have a beautiful website where they sell their product worldwide. Delanikka also has its own showroom in the centre of Moscow. The sisters plan to take the distribution of the brand international in future.  

Luxury Lingerie
The Drama. . . The Fringe . . .

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