Peonium – Love Affair with Corsets

A beautiful page on instagram is of @peonium_corsetry. I just love the way the designer at Peonium corsetry works with romantic laces and beautiful cuts.

Peonium Corsetry


The soft colors and delicacy of treatment takes you to a dreamy world. Its interesting to see how the designer uses her corsets to not only change the female form physically but also on a surreal level.

I was compelled to reach out to the designer and get her views on lace, life and lingerie.




The Designer – Albina

So the designer behind the brand Peonium Corsetry is Albina Zaripova. She is from Russia and she founded this brand in 2016. Albina has had a long-standing experience in the field of corset underwear. She has worked as a leading designer in a Russian-Italian company for 12 years, which is the leader in sales of underwear in the Russian market.

Her idea behind Peonium corsetry was to create a sexy and feminine underwear brand. Which, I must say, she has achieved very well. For Albina, Peonium is a world of beauty, sophistication, creativity and elegance. At the same time, she pays special attention to the forms and materials of corsets and underwear. Her pieces along with being super pretty are also well structured and shaped, which is the lifeline for corsets. She ensures her corsets and underwear are not only beautiful but also comfortable. The handwork elements in her designs impart a sense of uniqueness to her pieces.












Albina’s design philosophy revolves around seduction and sensuality. Her creative personality is soft, feminine, seductive and creative. A look at her collection actually affirms her brand personality. Each piece talks about love, romance, elegance and dreams. Wide hips, large Breasts and a thin waist – is her idea of a feminine form and she works for it beautifully. The corset as a product enhances exactly this, as it is able to form a beautiful feminine figure.

Albina’s brand Peonium corsetry is actually another step in bringing corset out of the closet and in the everyday fashion scenario. Previously, the corsets were used only in evening dresses and on the red carpet, but today it is a part of the everyday wardrobe.

Today the corset serves not only as an elegant stylish accessory, but also as a means of body correction. Albina’s clients are young mothers who want to put the figure in order, women working in the office who need back support and beautiful posture. She also does corsets for under wedding dresses.

Her instagram page is very interactive where she writes about all the features of her corset. She also shares photos of the transformation of the figure thanks to her corsets. She tries to be as useful to her subscribers, so they can learn about lingerie and corsets.

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